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Market Report

Please note:
*Blanks or N/A just mean that there was insufficient data for that category this week
*Except for baby calves, pairs, and breds - all prices are by the pound (CWT). The above exceptions have their prices given by the head ($/hd). This is indicated in the description. 
*Comments on this week's sale are at the bottom of the page.

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Nice Consignment of 40 horses this week, with a lot of buyers from 3 provinces. Feeder and finished lambs up again, with. feeders trading up to 340/lb and finished lambs up to 301. Goats strong, 79 lbs doelings bringing 356/lb. Light run of feeder cattle this week, that market is stronger every day. Cull cows up 3-5 again this weel, trading up to 120 for holsteins.


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