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Heavy Duty
Gate Hinges

This product utilizes heavy duty galvanized gate hinges that fit overtop of the upright, secured between the rails. Grease zerks are incorporated to aid with the hinge's functionality and longevity. The gate hinge’s threaded rods are 1” diameter and allow for adjustability in gate width. It is recommended to drill 1-1/8” diameter holes to install. 

Chain Latch
Connecting System

This product comes available with a chain and self attaching chain latch connecting system for securing the gate close or open to existing fixtures.

Laser Cut
Steel Tube

2W utilizes Fiber Laser Technology to precision saddle cut high quality steel tube. The built-in software calculates the saddle cut ensuring a perfect fit when placed into the robotic welding fixture. This saddle cut provides vastly increased assembly strength over traditional “Pinch & Weld” style panels, whilst maintaining similar pricing for the end customer. In short, 2W patrons receive a higher durability product for the same price.

CNC Robotic
Welded Seams

Though 2W does still utilize hand welders for large assemblies, the incorporation of CNC Robotic Welders for high-volume products allows for maximum consistency between welds and aids with quality control measures. To add an extra layer of quality measures, these robotic welders use an Advanced Fronius CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding process that greatly reduces metal distortion, minimizes tension caused by heat expansion, nearly eliminates weld spatter, and makes for a beautiful high quality weld.


Thrifty Series Medium Duty Gates

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