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2W's "400, 500  Series High Pole / Bow Gates utilize high strength - 2" diameter oval round tube. The use of this special sized material doubles the outer frame's strength while minimizing additional weight added. The oval tube is laser saddle cut to perfectly seat before being robotically welded.

Horse Back
Plunger Latch

The 2W "400, 500  Series High Pole / Bow Gates come standard with horse back latch levers for easy opening/closing action. This lever increases leverage against the plunger, which in-turn allows for a high tension plunger to be opened with ease, while allowing the plunger to be under high tension when not engaged, making it difficult for the gate to open independently.

Connecting Posts

This product utilizes heavy duty connecting posts that come in 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way configurations allowing for the creation of pens and complex corral systems. These connecting posts are used throughout all of 2W's Heavy-Duty series products allowing for same-series interchangeability. Both male and female "Post Pin" configurations are available.

Post Pin Style
Connecting System

All 2W Heady-Duty products utilize the 2W "Post Pin" connecting system. This system uses a shaped steel rod paired with shaped clips to fasten posts to panels. This systems allows for minute play so as to aid with odd fitment or change in terrain while at the same time ensuring that once the connection is made, it will never separate due to cattle pressure.

High Pole/Bow Gates

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