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Square Tube
Rail Construction

Unique to the Diamond Ranch Series, this product utilizes 1"x1" square tubing for its rails. This is where the "Diamond" in "Diamond Ranch" comes from! The square tubing is laser saddle cut for perfect fitment to the uprights.

High Strength
Round Tube Uprights

Mated to the square tube rails, 1 1/2" - 14 gauge round steel uprights give the Diamond Ranch series an increased vertical strength.

Thick Flat Bar
Center Spoke Supports

1 1/2" thick flat bar is welded to the backs of the Diamond Ranch panels to act as center spokes. This method of vertical reinforcement both saves weight, cost, and boats similar vertical weight bearing as traditional center spokes.

Diamond Ranch Series
Post Pin Connecting System

Similar style to the Lemsco Series' post pin connecting system, the Diamond Ranch series panels use their own unique spacing to offer optimal cross-panel strength when mounted to one another.

Diamond Ranch Panel

SKU: #3050
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